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“Hi just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant service & to say how pleased we are with Equi-ping. At Mustang Equine Transport we pride ourselves in being professional with the up-most of safety. We use Equi-ping in all of our horseboxes & are now confident our passengers travel safely in the event of a quick release being needed.”

Mustang Transport



“Many of the horses we have here at the TRC are not used to being tied up or have a tendency to pull back. Like most people we used to use baler twine but found that on occasions this could be too strong and would not break safely. Since using Equi-ping we have found it easier to train horses to tie up quietly and have had no accidents where the tie has been too strong. With lots of horses coming through the Centre equip-ping gives us piece of mind  - particularly with the feistier types!”

Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre




“We have been using the Equi-pings on the yard now since March 2011 and have found them invaluable!  They are reliable and safe, saving gear from breaking, and preventing injuries to horse’s necks from pulling back.  Our grooms love them, and baling twine has certainly become a thing of the past on the Team Frederick’s yard!”

Clayton Fredericks, International Event Rider.




“I have been using your product since it arrived on the Australian market last year. I love them and use them in and outside my horse transport.  Most people here swear by hay band (bale twine). I have seen many accidents from the twine breaking and the horse running off, only to have the hay bag follow or feed bag and it ends in disaster. For this reason I always use the Equi-Ping as it is safe and I know that nothing will be attached in the event of something going wrong.  I use them for hay bags also in the case of a horse getting their leg stuck in them (another common issue here).”

Jodie Van Breugel, Australia. 


“I bought 2 equi-pings at badminton this year just to see if they were any good. I forgot all about them until my mare yet again pulled back and snapped the twine around the fence. so I used the equi-ping to tie her up and it was just brilliant. Firstly, the lead rope slides easily through the ring without making a noise or snagging so straight away she doesn’t have anything to make her want to pull away. When she did pull away because she was frightened of something the equi-ping held her long enough for me to get to her but released quick enough to stop her panicking. I have never bothered writing a review for anything before but these are so good I just had to let you know.” 

Sheri, UK. 11 July 2011.



“Hi, I just wanted to drop a quick line to say firstly thanks for a brilliant service and constant communication thoughout purchase, plus speedy delivery. Secondly my equi-pings arrived Friday and I couldn’t wait to put them up.  On Saturday morning I got my aged (22 year old) welsh d in who I’ve owned for 6 years.  He had previously been owned by riding for the disabled, you get the picture, quiet cob, never put a foot out of place in the 6 years I’ve had him!  Whilst brushing him a clump of loose hair blows around his front feet, he spooked, pulled back, equi-ping released him, panic over! He’s never pulled back before whilst being tied, I’m just glad I was using your fantasic product.  I’ve placed a further order today for 10 more, so I can cover all places my 4 horses may be tied. Thank you!”

Sam from Norfolk.



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