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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for an Equi-Ping when I can use baler twine which is free?

Over the years the manufacture and type of baler twine has changed so that today’s product, although free, is extremely tough and durable and is designed not to break.  If you haven’t got the amount spot on it might not break which can lead to broken equipment and an injured horse.  If the twine does break you have to then go and find a replacement, cut it to length and make sure you’re using the correct amount again.  With an Equi-Ping it’s proven to ping open and then you simply snap it back together to reuse.

Won’t the sleeve stop the Equi-Ping opening?

We’ve designed the sleeve with a gap at either side so that if the horse panics the groove that runs down the back of the ping still has room to open up thereby releasing the arrowhead and allowing it to “ping”.

Can Equi-Pings be used on a trailer?

Yes they can be used inside and outside on a trailer or horsebox as well as at home on the yard. We’ve also had people say that they use them when they go on a pub ride to tie their horses up outside the pub!

When they’ve been opened do they break, can you reuse them?

No.  If the Equi-Ping is  “pinged open” they are designed not to snap or break.  The plastic material we use is of the highest quality and has been researched and tested to ensure that it doesn’t break and retains it’s shape so that it can be used time after time.  Many of our “pings” used on our racing yard are four or five months old. However, degradation of the pronged mechanism may happen over a period of time if they are “pinged” excessively.

I used my equi-ping to tie my horse to my trailer and when I got back to him he had broken free and was grazing on the grass, shouldn’t my equi-ping prevent this?

The equi-ping is a safety release system. If the horse needs to pull back and spooks the idea is the device will ‘ping’ to prevent potential injury to the horse and to your fixtures. We would advise against leaving a horse unattended for a period of time. If your horse ‘pings’ it’s Equi-Ping you should be in the vicinity to catch it.

My horse is a bit clever and has learnt to break everything he’s tied to, will the Equi-Ping do any better?

Yes.  We’ve come across a couple of our feisty two year old thoroughbred colts who are clever, strong and try it on all the time!  We’ve simply used two Equi-Pings instead of the normal one and that has stopped them!  As the breaking point of the Equi-Pings is about 80 kilos, 2 x 80 kilos of strain will still “ping” open if the need arises. When you consider a medium size horse is about 400-500 kilos you can see that even with two attached they can exert enough force to ping them should the need arise.

My horse is generally well behaved and doesn’t pull back, is there any point in me having one?

Even if your horse stands quietly 99% of the time, we would still suggest you tie your horse up with some form of safety release because you never know what is going to happen and after all they are flight animals.

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